About us

Hi there, we're the owners behind the dogs

We are two young people whose hobby became their passion. We were both crazy about dogs and figured out pretty quickly that we wanted a golden retriever. So we started looking around and one day our first golden retriever became a fact, we named her Kyra.

We had never thought about doings shows before until Kyra’s breeders asked if we wanted to tag along on their show training. Without really knowing what was waiting for us we went along with it and wondered if shows we’re always that much fun. Throughout doing all our own shows we really started loving it.

Our first official show felt a bit uneasy but we quickly noticed that Kyra really loved being the center of attention. Since then we’re now a lot of shows further and still love doing it. We love it so much that we even got a second golden, a crazy boy we named ‘Sentinel’.

We’re even thinking about getting a third one.

Who knows where it will end… :)

We are also members of the GRCB and the KMSH.